Looking for the best shows on TV this week? They're right here.

We're in a weird period of time where TV is really great... and also really bad. I'll focus on the good stuff here, but I popped in the screener of Riverdale's fourth-season premiere and I had no idea what was going on except that there's always an excuse to get KJ Apa and crew to shimmy into swimsuits for no discernible reason at all (not that we're complaining). By the end I couldn't tell if the show was truly awful or brilliant camp and if that's all intentional or not. You won't have that problem with my picks below, because they're all FANTASTIC.

Here are the best shows on television this week:

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These Are the Best Shows on This Week

The Haunting of Hill House
Netflix; Series premieres Friday
I hope you weren't planning on sleeping anytime this weekend, because this must-see horror series is freaky as all heck. Based on Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel, The Haunting of Hill House offers scares with atmosphere and knowing what an audience fears most instead of gore and jump scares. The story follows a family in two different timelines, as the haunted house they escaped many years ago beckons them today.

All American
The CW; Series premieres Wednesday at 9/8c
In All American, a high school football star from South Central Los Angeles gets recruited to play for Beverly Hills High School, and yeeeeeeeup, you guessed it, there will be a culture clash. Think The O.C. meets Friday Night Lights with a CW twist, except it's trying to tell more important stories. Still, it's one of the best new series of the fall season. (Trailer)

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
The CW; Season 4 (final season) premieres Friday at 9/8c
Who would have thought that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a show that once sang a lovely number about West Covina and how long it takes to get to the beach, would end up with its lead in jail for attempted murder? But that's where Season 4 begins. Rebecca won't stay there for long, though, as she's bound to once again cross paths with her ex-flame Greg (now played in Season 4 by Skylar Astin). This show is kind of weird, isn't it? (Trailer)

Netflix; Series premieres Friday
There are plenty of amazing music documentaries out there (check out PBS' Soundbreaking if you haven't yet), but Netflix's newest has a twist: ReMastered explores unsolved mysteries within the industry. First up is the shooting of Bob Marley, which is examined through archived footage and interviews with those close to the reggae legend. It's a mix of true crime and music, two of my absolute favorite things. (Trailer)

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The Romanoffs
Amazon; Series premieres Friday
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner comes back with this anthology series about characters who believe they are descendants of the infamous Romanov family, a clan of Russian royals. The Romanoffs is jam packed with stars, including Aaron Eckhart, Christina Hendricks, Diane Lane, Amanda Peet, John Slattery, and Ron Livingston, and was hella expensive to make given its global production. But it immediately falls in the shadow of the deeper Mad Men, at least in the earlier episodes. We're cautious about this one. (Trailer)

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