I can't help but root for the underdog, and so far on this show that dog has been Dawn. I'm not saying that she's the best candidate, or even the nicest person, but I do think that she's been treated unfairly by everyone on Team Matchstick, even the heretofore silent David. Dawn needs a friend. Let me be that for now. Odds are there's a reason that her whole team dislikes her, but no matter what she does, she can't win. This week she made every effort not to get on anyone's nerves or in their way, and what does project-manager David do? He drags her into the conference room because he doesn't think she'll ever be able to lead the team. That's just wrong. Well, David, ineffectual is as ineffectual does. You were a bad PM, delegating all decisions to anybody but yourself on the wedding-cake task, and you lost big time. Bringing Marcela, who pulled an all-nighter baking the cake, and Dawn, who did nothing to impede this task, into the conference room made David look like a jerk. I'm glad Martha overruled his choices and pulled everyone back in, because you just can't blame Dawn for everything.

But you can blame Shawn (of the pink-and-green outfits and Suze Orman hairdo) for her colossal failure in this task. She herself would say, "It is what it is." And it was a complete mess. We all knew as soon as she'd offered herself up to the elimination gods that she was going to be a goner. Has no one learned from Brad's experience with Trump? Don't get cocky on these shows; you will be gone. It's that simple. Dear Shawn, Buh-bye. And Charles, how about a cigar for new dad Jim?