Hello and there you have it. Somebody on this show finally said "Pod People." Give it up for Tyler Labine, who may be remembered for his role as Uncle Dave, since all the other characters are bearable at best, and especially if he keeps stealing the show. But let's not be hasty. He is the stooge, the Gilligan, the Hobbit on ABC's Lost. Thing is, he's normal. And it's hard to trust anybody in this swamp. Which reminds me, when did Russ get infected with the sickness? He has a criminal record? He worked off his sentence in our national (or state) parks, and still works there? And he breaks people's jaws?  

These people are totally Pod, which may explain the eerie lack of cast appearances this week. If they did it on purpose, that's cool. If I missed something, I'm not really concerned. What does concern me, however, is that Mariel is still betwixting me. Yes, betwixting. It's awesome, I like her even though she's luring Uncle Dave right into her trap. And notice how I didn't say "Their trap". She is a hybrid, the invader with a human heart, and she's flirting with the town blogger. She has a plan, and it ain't tattooed on her torso. She's no Species, but she's about to procreate, and her sheriff husband is apparently even creepy to her. Yeah, not sure where they're going with that one, but I fully saw a human foot come out of that gator stomach. The other sponge thing didn't interest me much. Whatever it was, it had acid all over it. So happy Thanksgiving. Darren Sirkin

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