Hello, Aetna? I'd like to change my primary care physician to Dr. House. Seriously, I want a doctor who will try anything to extend my life. Even if it means killing me. Of course, I say this after watching last night's episode about 9e-year-old Andie, who's struggling for life in the face of certain death. Plagued with a plethora of ailments cancer, tumor on her heart, hidden blood clot in her brain Andie bravely accepts her fate, fearing nothing more than expiring without ever having kissed a boy. Enter young Dr. Chase. Blond-haired and blue eyed, at 30 he's in the prime of his life and a perfect object to desire from a cold, hard examining table. Andie, expertly working her adolescent mojo, gets her kiss. Bad doctor, she's 9! I will give Chase credit, though, for at least hesitating before he planted one on her.

Dr. House, on the other hand, isn't quite as touchy-feely. He avoids all contact with his patients until he's figured out what's wrong. I can live with that. Honestly, the guy is a genius diagnostician. He used his iPod to pinpoint the location of Andie's tumor, for crying out loud. And here I thought it was just for music. Speaking of music, it was time for Andie to face it. Once Dr. Cuddy greenlighted the unorthodox procedure that would literally kill Andie and then bring her back to life. the show kicked into high gear. The best scene was when House he breaks it down for Andie:  "Nobody wants to die, but you're going to. I'm asking if you want this to be over." Thank god they faded to black when Andie burst into tears, because I needed a moment. I suspect House did too. That's my kind of doctor.