OK, even though I'm already getting the title of this confused with the forthcoming one-word FX crime show Thief, I'm totally digging this show. It's got an amazing look thanks to director

Doug Liman of Bourne Identity fame. Plus, it is fun in an Ocean's Eleven/"don't take it too seriously, just enjoy the ride" kind of way. And after that great train-robbery opening, I'm so on board. I know that Dougray Scott is supposed to be the star of this show and all, but I think the best role of the show went to Steve Harris. I haven't seen the formerly buttoned-up lawyer from The Practice in much else, so it was wonderful to see him as a cool character. He's a tough guy, but he's smart, well rounded and he's got a bit of a competitive edge. And Lola (Marika Dominczyk) has some of the best lines of dialogue, like her banter with the overly talkative Ricky: "I like craps, not blackjack; white frosting, not chocolate; dogs, not cats; length, not girth..."; and her threat to the guy in the trunk: "Keep banging and I'm going to set you on fire." And I even like the cops. The odd couple of the overweight, obnoxious and racist Billy and his tolerant and not-afraid-to-push-back partner Evans seems familiar (especially when they go ahead and reference Lethal Weapon), but that didn't really bother me too much. I'm just a little confused about Sykes' MO. Is she in on the heist with Mickey and his crew? She had that ugly little talisman next to her bed, so she must be, right? The only other thought was that Mickey planted it there. If she's really a bad girl playing good and riding her RHD detectives for not being savvy enough to solve crimes that she's actually in on, that twist makes this a whole lot more interesting than a straight old cops-and-robbers show.