Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum

The show will go on for Project Runway — the Bryant Park fashion show, that is, even if it remains to be seen when any of it will be seen. Locked in a network battle between Lifetime and Bravo, Project Runway is still tied up in court, but its Season 6 contestants are scheduled to unveil their collections at New York Fashion Week on Friday, albeit with a more somber tone, host Heidi Klum says.

"What is really sad about it is that ...all the people that are in the audience don't know the designers," she tells Access Hollywood. "You know, normally you have people there that are like clapping, because they have their fans coming out, you know, the fans for these designers. They're like, 'Yeah!' And they're like rooting for this one or that one and this time no one knows anyone, so the feeling is going to be, unfortunately, a little bit different — so it's a little sad."

To keep the designers' identities under wraps, the collections will be presented by other people, Runway mentor Tim Gunn tells New York Magazine. "[Otherwise] everyone would know who they are," he says.

Echoing his recent comments to TVGuide.com about the future of Runway, Gunn adds that he doesn't know when or where Season 6 will air, but is "confident" it will make it to TV screens.

"The fans want Project Runway... I want Project Runway. The people of Project Runway want Project Runway!" Klum tells Access. "It's really not in my hands, you know? I have to wait the same way everyone else has to wait."