With my heart racing from Lost, I turned over to my weekly nap-inducing show for the finale. I managed surprisingly to stay awake for the whole thing this time. There was a Tug o' War, plenty of silly games and Team Underdog took home the 10 grand by beating the overconfident Team Miz. I was happy for them until superannoying Adam Mesh started comparing their victory to the '86 Mets and the Miracle on Ice. Dude, this is a competition among reality-show stars, it isn't the Olympics or the World Series. Get a grip. Not only that, but he annoyed his whole team you'd think with that great big forehead he'd have a bit more brain power to think before he speaks. Oh, that was so mean. Sorry. I'm going to blame it on the crazy pregnancy hormones and hope that Mr. Mesh doesn't come after me. The scariest thing about tonight's episode was that the announcer kept saying this was the "first ever" battle of the network reality stars, and he said it like there would be more. Hmm, I can't say I'm looking forward to it, but the quality sleep I got while watching can only compare to when I was in college and Bob Ross and his calming voice lulled me into slumberland. But that had happy little trees and not a Swan showing just how landbound she really is.