I haven't watched Freddie since the pilot, which I found severely underwhelming, but somehow I found my TV on that channel and I was actually laughing. Admittedly the stuff I was giggling at was all from Brian Austin Green, who is almost as out of control as Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother. I'd love to see these two together in a buddy movie. Anyway, Brian aka Chris commenting about how platform shoes are bad for your back but make your butt look great was wonderful. In case you missed it and were wondering how he knows: He got firsthand experience while dressed in drag as Frank-N-Furter to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in order to attract "freaky chicks." When Freddie questioned his sexuality, he shrugged it off and said, "These are all clothes that women left in my apartment. Im using the clothes from women I had sex with to have sex with other women. How much straighter can you get than that?" Convincing argument, until he had to portray Freddie's "wife" to save his best pal from an angry father. AC

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