<EM>Over There</EM> Over There

I still haven't warmed up to this show. I want to, I really do, but they make it so hard when they cut most of the people I actually like. The only person I was glad to see stick around after the grueling five-day choreography trial was Big Poppa. He deserved it for dealing with his egotistical roommate Blake and that little dog, too. BP aka Allan even tried to explain gently to Blake that some of the other contestants were a bit resentful of the fact that Blake had professional dance experience. Blake predictably ignored his comment and said they were jealous, as was the choreographer, who told him to tone down the cockiness. And I'm supposed to enjoy watching these people? Plus, the show made a point of embarrassing the weakest dancers instead of focusing on the talent. Again, I say a hopeful little prayer to the reality-TV gods that this show will turn itself around once it gets to voting portion, whenever that may be. Oh, and if they were really feeling kind, I'd be thrilled if they could also get the show cut down to an hour instead of 90 minutes.