Though he's best known as doobie-tokin' Rubin from Road Trip, Paulo Costanzo doesn't love being recognized for that role. "Luckily, I played kind of an introverted pothead, so I don't have people screaming [at me]," he sighs. "Once in awhile, there's a person who gives me weed on the street or something. A lot of people do that."

Sadly, he's not amused. "If you really feel that [a movie] showcases what you want to put forth into the world and you get recognized for that — then you can take the compliments personally," Costanzo says. "I never really liked the movie. I'm not a fan of that type of [teen] movie. So I don't take the compliments very personally with that."

Well, at least he's honest. "I'm a huge film buff and I have a very distinct taste," the 23-year-old offers. "So I can either say, 'I like it because I'm in it' — or I can look at the movie and go, 'I don't like this movie.' So, I just don't like it."

Costanzo admits he reluctantly took the Trip after being picked from thousands at a national audition, back when he was a struggling actor in Toronto. "At that time, I really had stopped giving a f--k about acting," he says. "I really just said, 'I don't give a f--k about this movie, but yes, I'll go and do it.' Luckily enough, it kind of comes across in the movie. Because I think I look kind of like a guy who just doesn't give a f--k, and that's because I basically didn't give a f--k."

The potty-mouthed Josie and the Pussycats co-star currently can be seen as Josh Hartnett's fun-loving roommate in 40 Days and 40 Nights. "I hope that people will see this and say, 'Wow, you can make movies with young people in it and they don't have to suck,'" Costanzo remarks. "I want more good movies to be made. I don't want to see some half-assed bulls--- actors that Hollywood tells me are famous just because they've been in three sh---y movies."