Though Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is her first film, actress Emma Watson seems to fancy herself a cynical old pro. "[Reporters] all ask exactly the same questions," the 11-year-old huffs. "You can say exactly the same answers, so you don't have to think. You just kind of stand there like a broken microwave."

Yikes! Sounds like the role of know-it-all junior witch Hermione Granger isn't all that much of a stretch for this young lady. During Potter's filming, she boasts: "We changed loads of lines. I mean, it wasn't like massive things, it was just things that I really didn't think would work. Really small things, even as small as taking out an 'if' or 'an' or something like that. It wasn't, like, major."

Watson's straight-forwardness and precocious nature are probably what spurred director Chris Columbus to pluck her from the masses of girls who auditioned. Even in the midst of her own bossiness, she does find time to credit the real boss. (Well, sort of.) "[Columbus] is such a cool director," she gushes. "I haven't worked with any others, but I'm sure he's one of the best."

Alas, even child stars can't get everything they want — and this apprentice sorceress is no exception. Asked what she'd do if she had magical powers, she winks: "I think I'd make myself invisible, so I can go into movies for over 15 [year olds]."