At first I was happy to see that after a two-week hiatus, nobody on this show had become nicer, which might've made for a less entertaining hour. (Not that I was expecting it to become 7th Heaven, or even Reba, but still....) But good lord... any noble traits in evidence like Lucius standing up for the man being beaten in the market, for example, or Pullo and Niobe staying by his side as he waits for Erastes to show up to try and make good on his threat fall away at Servilia's dark turn. Asking Octavia to sleep with her brother to uncover the secret of Caesar's affliction? And then Octavia does it? Am I the only one here completely creeped out by that? Or am I the only one bummed out that as Atia yells at Octavian for taking his sister up on her offer, I have to agree with her, and I hate taking her side in anything? I'll say this, though: Pullo's become one of my favorite TV characters on any current show.