There are a few grisly scenes in Hannibal that weekend moviegoers may wish they didn't have to see (read: brain kabobs). Well, here's one they won't.

"There was a big scene involving the Internet where Clarice (Julianne Moore) is tracking Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) by finding out who buys the memorabilia of serial killers," screenwriter Steven Zaillian tells TV Guide Online of the plot point ultimately sliced by director Ridley Scott. "The scene led her to... a guy who owned one of those comic book stores and who was one of the dealers of this material."

To research the storyline, Zaillian signed on to the Internet to see what he could dig up. "You can just type in the specific name of the killer and see what you find," he explains. "For instance, you can buy the contents of Jeffrey Dahmer's refrigerator... It was chilling."