Miley Cyrus by Jamie McCarthy/ Miley Cyrus by Jamie McCarthy/

Finally, some good, old-fashioned, career-related news about Miley Cyrus: This summer, Cyrus fans will have yet another album of hers to eat up - minus Hannah Montana. Cyrus' previous two albums involved Montana, Cyrus' TV alter ego, tying the music directly to her hit Disney show.

On July 22, however, the 15-year-old will release her first full-length entirely under her own name, and she even has a cowriting credit, too, says the AP, on the album's first single, "7 Things." The song is already enjoying increasing airplay on Top 40 radio stations, boding well for the new opus - and keeping the focus on Cyrus' work, not her alleged missteps in the public eye.

Will you be buying up the latest from the teen phenom? - Anna Dimond

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