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Now that his Monday Night Football opening theme song has been permanently punted from the broadcast, Hank Williams Jr. has written a song zinging Fox & Friends and ESPN and is taking to the airwaves to answer his critics.

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In the song, he sings: "So Fox 'n Friends wanna put me down/Ask for my opinion/Twist it all around." He concludes: "Well two can play that gotcha game you'll see."His lyrics also say the U.S. is "going down the drain" and is "The United Socialist States of America" — and urge keeping

Fox & Friends and ESPN out of your house."I've been recording for five decades, and I knew that old over-the-fence feeling on this one," Williams told The Associated Press.

Hank Williams Jr. issues apology regarding Obama-Hitler statement

After the country singer appeared on the Fox News Channel morning show and offered an analogy that President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner golfing together was like Hitler and Netanyahu playing, the sports network suspended his "Are you ready for some football?" song and made the move permanent on Thursday. The song was a part of the show since 1989.

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He planned to appear on The View and Hannity Tuesday to discuss the uproar.Meantime, the new song is available for free for 48 hours at Williams' website — where you can also pick up a "Hank Jr. for President" T-shirt.Williams wound up with many high-profile defenders last week, including Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, saying that his First Amendment rights were violated by ESPN. Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live couldn't resist doing a sketch lampooning Williams.