How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore become a star of the Grammy Awards? You broadcast live from the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway, home of the record-breaking musical Hamilton, for the first televised performance of any of the songs from the musical.

The cast performed the show's opening track "Alexander Hamilton" to the world from their home stage and showed millions of people why it's the show everyone is talking about.

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"Alexander Hamilton" allowed the cast to show off all its extraordinary talent from Leslie Odom Jr. (Smash) to breakout talent Daveed Diggs and Hamilton himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda. The performance re-energized the show, which was lagging in its middle section. The hip-hop break pumped up the excitement and made the 90 minutes beforehand completely worth it - especially for the "Hamilton trash" that haven't managed to get tickets yet.

Don't worry though, this won't be the only time you'll see the cast. They're also scheduled to perform at the Tony Awards on June 12.