Secondhand Lions is Haley Joel Osment's first live-action feature film since 2001's AI. How's he been adjusting to adolescence? Well, in Lions, he's a bit taller and his voice is changing. But he still has that troubled, "I see dead people" look that earned him an Oscar nod for The Sixth Sense. Off-screen, though, Osment seems like any other high school sophomore. Although he sure pays unusual attention to his guidance counselor!

"School has been taking up a lot of time this year," the 15-year-old sighs to TV Guide Online. "Even though homework can get really old, especially at this age, the thing that makes you stick with it is that no career is ever going to be certain. And acting is the one of the most unpredictable [careers]. It's good to build up the skills to do whatever else you have to to succeed in life.

"I've always been really interested in history," Osment adds. "I'm not sure how that's going to translate into a job or something I might want to do."

Unlike his Lions character — who's abandoned at the ranch of distant relatives Robert Duvall and Michael Caine — Osment has a solid home life. He says that's what keeps him out of the tabs. "I have a huge family, so I've been blessed with a lot of good advice," he shares. "This role made me appreciate [my older relatives] more."

Has working with such fine film thesps made Osment shy away from those lucrative, but schlocky, teen comedies? "Acting with people my age is very fun," he says, "but it's all about the script. The genre doesn't really matter to me... Should something come along that's got a good story, I'd do it."