Actor and vocalist star Kristin Chenoweth is the living embodiment of perfection but, if you can wrap your mind around it, she once did something wrong in life: she had tragic hair. As the Hairspray Live! star reveals in this video, she once had a perm, thanks to her Mom, that was a "funeral in the front and a funeral in the back." And there are photos somewhere! Yikes.

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She's not the only member of the cast who's ever rocked a disastrous 'do though. Check out the video to see what horrible hair her co-stars admit to having, including Derek Hough's Darth Vader-inspired helmet moment. All of them — who'll have much better coifs in NBC's production airing in December — recall some pretty bad styles, but Harvey Fierstein's reaction to Jennifer Hudson's admission of a Jheri Curl is nothing short of priceless.

Hairspray Live! airs Dec. 7 at 8 p.m. on NBC.