In the Broadway smash Hairspray, Marissa Jaret Winokur won a Tony as plus-sized fashion freak Tracy Turnblad. For that role, the diva teased her hair to dizzying heights and even donned unflattering prison stripes! But that's nothing. Next up, she plays an overweight pageant contestant in ABC Family's Beautiful Girl (Sunday at 8 pm/ET). She spends the TV movie trotting around in an enormous squirrel tail — and when she's not wearing that, she sports a bathing suit with a built-in fish tank. Is she ever uncomfortable in such oddball get-ups?

"How can I be embarrassed?" Winokur laughs to TV Guide Online. "I had a tail bigger than my body. I love it. And because I'm also from the theater, the more costumes, the better."

There's just one problem. "You don't even get the full effect of the fishes being in my bra," the 30-year-old laments. "For some reason, they didn't really get the shot, but the fish were in there the whole time. I wanted to see more of the fishes."

Though she was unafraid to dress outrageously for it, one thing about Beautiful Girl did give Winokur the willies: "I learned that I would never, ever, ever be in [a pageant]. I don't have any real big body image issues. This is who I am, and this is what I do. But when I was shooting those beauty pageant scenes, I was looking around at those girls in their bathing suits going, 'Wow, that must be nice.'"

You want nice? She gets to share several lingering kisses with her hunky on-screen fianc&#233 Mark Consuelos. "He has very good, soft lips," she gladly admits. "I got to kiss him, and kiss him, and kiss him."

In fact, one shot features Winokur engaged in a very lengthy liplock with Mr. Kelly Ripa — whose wife is hopefully not reading this! "I don't remember it being that long," she says demurely. "[Watching it,] I'm like, 'That is a good kiss.' I was so excited, but my boyfriend wasn't nearly as excited about it. He gets over it, though, [because] I've been kissing really cute boys for a couple of years now." Nice work if you can get it.