Paris Hilton's Sidekick is under attack — and I'm not referring to Nicole Richie. A vengeful hacker has infiltrated the

Simple Life star's T-Mobile Sidekick account and posted the entire contents — including private numbers and e-mail addresses of her celeb friends — online. Among the famous whose digits are making their way around the Web: Eminem, Fred Durst, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Gilmore Girls star Jared Padalecki, some dude named Cory and former Buffy star Seth Green. "Fred Durst's voice mail was full," wrote a poster on "Lindsay Lohan's rang and rang and I chickened out and hung up." Added another: "I just called Christina Aguilera. We're going on a date tomorrow." Paris' little black book also contained private photos, notes and e-mail addresses for Usher, Stephen King and The Insider's Pat O'Brien. Noticeably missing from her Sidekick: Contact info for Chops, her country-bumpkin beau from the first season of Simple Life. That's gotta hurt.