The just-released Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow marks Gwyneth Paltrow's first real sci-fi/action film. She plays Polly Perkins, a classic Lois Lane-type reporter who means to get her story at any cost. "It was a tremendous amount of fun," Paltrow says. "I just loved how sassy she was and sneaky and out for herself in that sort of '40s-era broad way."

Apple's mom says she took the role "only because this was something totally different. I probably wouldn't do Catwoman. There is something incredibly appealing about Catwoman, being that woman and playing that part. But if I was going to take something on, I wanted it to be something that nobody had ever seen or done. And if it was going to fail, it was going to fail, but I wanted to take that risk and not be in a standard Hollywood adventure movie."

We're not sure, Halle Berry, but we think Gwynny just dissed you.

Anyway, Paltrow swears she's not a closet fan of the golden oldies that inspired Sky Captain. "No, I'm terrible with all of that stuff," she laughs. "I'm completely ignorant about comic books and serials. I'm a girl."

Even so, being a girl certainly has its perks, particularly her on-screen reunion with Jude Law. The duo played ill-fated lovers in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Here, the sexy Law plays Sky Captain, who is Polly's old beau. "He is just the best," Paltrow says, smiling. "I really love him as a person. I love working with him. It's so easy. He's so gorgeous and funny and sweet. A big reason to do [this film] was to be with him every day. I think we have a really good working relationship.

"I loved him in superhero mode," Paltrow adds. "It's amazing; Jude has gone against the beautiful-guy thing. He's done character roles. It took a lot for him to step up to the plate and decide to be a leading man. He turned down everything for years. Now I'm glad he's put on the leading-man hat. I hope he keeps it on."