Paul Adelstein and Amy Brenneman by Jim Spellman/ Paul Adelstein and Amy Brenneman by Jim Spellman/

They're seasoned pros when it comes to bickering, kissing and making up. But the stars of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice veered into new territory on Feb. 29 when they put on their first-ever musical benefit to raise money for crew members affected by the WGA strike.

Patrick Dempsey kicked off the night, cheekily titled Good Medicine, wearing dark sunglasses and sitting next to an action figure of himself with a video message taped in Japan, where he's currently promoting his movie Enchanted. Next up, Katherine Heigl took the stage at the University of California at Los Angeles to introduce costar and Tony winner Sara Ramirez, who performed "Meadowlark" to a standing ovation. ( Watch a mediocre video on YouTube.)

Next up, T.R. Knight joked, "I haven't done anything like this in about 13 years!" before nervously launching into the show tune "Losing My Mind/You Could Drive a Person Crazy."

Moments later, Eric Dane (aka "McSteamy") and Brooke Smith came onstage to read fan fiction aloud before Chandra Wilson sashayed up to the microphone in a low-cut black gown to belt out a soulful rendition of "God Bless the Child."

Switching gears, Paul Adelstein strapped on an electric guitar and sang a cover of Paul Simon's "Slip Slidin' Away," before Kate Walsh greeted the audience via video in Australia where she yelled at a sexy male masseuse during downtime from Private Practice. "I said rub, not knead!" she teased, toasting the audience from overseas.

Two hours and many performances later, executive producer Shonda Rhimes stepped up to the podium to thank the crowd for coming out to support her shows. "Even though we are starting production on our shows again, many crew members will never be able to make up the money lost in the strike," she said. "We love our crew and we are happy to provide, if only for one night, a little Good Medicine." - Dana Meltzer Zepeda

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