Sara Ramirez by Michael Desmond/ABC Sara Ramirez by Michael Desmond/ABC

We've already seen her rock out in her underwear on Grey's Anatomy. Now Tony-winning actress Sara Ramirez, who plays George's (T.R. Knight) feisty wife, Callie, has signed a deal to record her own album. "All I can say is that Eric Idle and John Du Prez, who were the writers of Spamalot, are writing the album," Ramirez told TV Guide at the Step Up Inspiration Awards where she was honored for mentoring young girls.

Although her lips are sealed about the disc's sound, Ramirez - who has already inked a contract with Universal Music Group - did reveal that she'd spend her summer break from Grey's in the studio recording the album.

But the Mexico native did let a few details slip about the love triangle brewing between George, Callie and Izzie. "Callie is just showing up doing her job, oblivious to everything," says Ramirez. So will she call it quits after discovering George slept with ex-model Izzie? "I think she knows her relationship with George is in sort of a delicate place," she hints. "But she's a strong lady. She knows what she wants so I'm sure she'll go to any lengths to get it!"

Hopefully this means we'll see more of Callie next season - but Ramirez isn't talking just yet. "Am I back next season?" she asks with a laugh. "Maybe. This character's just been so much fun to play. Acting with this group of people has been a master class in episodic television. For now, I'm just enjoying the ride." - Reporting by Dana Meltzer Zepeda