Mark Cornelsen and T.R. Knight by Eric Charbonneau/ Mark Cornelsen and T.R. Knight by Eric Charbonneau/

Romance - both onscreen and off - was the topic of the day at the Chrysalis Awards, held Saturday night at a private estate in Brentwood, Calif. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller made their first public appearance as husband and wife at the event, which was hosted by their good friends (and matchmakers!) Eric Dane ( Grey's Anatomy)and Rebecca Gayheart.

Dane was mum on Sheen's ceremony, saying only, "I had a good time." He admitted he hasn't yet bought the newlyweds a present, noting, "You have a whole year to get someone a gift, and we're going to take every inch of it." As far as his own marriage to Gayheart, he said, "It is great. I don't know how I got so lucky." He then added that he and Gayheart are "working on kids."

Several Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice stars - Kate Walsh and Tim Daly included - showed to support Dane. Katherine Heigl had momentarily misplaced her man, Josh Kelley, joking, "[Married life] is great, except that I've lost my husband, so it could be over now, I guess!" If she can't keep tabs on her mate, she is managing to juggle working on a hit show and a busy movie schedule: "It's a real blessing because I love both and so I can do them both and not be completely ready to blow my brains out."

T.R. Knight and boyfriend Mark Cornelsen were all smiles, saying their relationship is "good, so far," but even with same-sex marriage now an option, they're not about to tie the knot anytime soon themselves. Asked whether he'd want George, to come out as well, he replied, "Oh, that's not who he is. That's now how I've been playing him! That would be a different character!"

As far as romance on Grey's, Knight was as surprised as anyone by George's kiss with Lexie at the end of the finale. "What was up with that?" he asked, saying he has no idea if a bona fide romance will follow. "But I love working with Chyler [Leigh]. She's really funny and it's really fun to work with her. I like the dorky actor 'craft' part of it, where you discuss the scene and so does she. She's a cool person."

Knight also seemed confused about the the controversial - and now ended - George/Izzie affair, saying, "It kind of died quickly, didn't it? They had them fall in love really quickly and then tore them apart really quickly. It just seemed to be such a weird, fast event."

James Pickens was delighted to be reunited in the Grey's finale with his TV wife, Adele, played by Loretta Devine. "Yeah, we got him some action for a change," he crowed. "He got a chance to get some, so that's all good!" He joked that his character's marital status depends on the availability of Devine, who also stars in Eli Stone.

As for what's going on next season, Pickens said, "I think we're doing 26 episodes. The network's got to get back what they lost during the strike."

Pickens is off to D.C. for a jazz festival and Heigl planned to hit Cabo before the Grey's cast is due back for their first table read June 19. - Sharon Knolle