Shonda Rhimes, creator of <EM>Grey's Anatomy</EM> Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy
The Grey’s Anatomy

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I like to call these five upcoming episodes Grey's Anatomy,  Season 4, Part 2. Because for us, for the stories, it really does feel like a whole separate season. I came back to work after the strike with a whole new purpose, a new dedication. And a sense of hope.

My best friend, Oprah…OK, in my head she’s my best friend, but in reality she barely knows me. But, secretly, I like to pretend I’m  Gayle King because Gayle is the person who makes Oprah laugh, and who doesn’t want to be the one to do that? Also, I secretly wanna be Angelina Jolie. Because of the babies and the Brad and the fabulousness, but I don’t have the legs…. I lost my point. My point is that Oprah would say I have renewed my spirit or something very sage like that. For me, that means I’m starting to enjoy this again. Really enjoy this. Feel the rich possibilities.

So this season — Grey’s Anatomy, Season 4, Part 2 — is the season of hope. For Meredith and Derek. For Izzie. For George. For Bailey. For Callie. Hopeful things are happening. Meredith and Derek are going to get together for good. That’s right. For good. Now, if you think I’m going to tell you how it will happen, you’re crazy. ’Cause it is yummy stuff. It is special. I spent a lot of nights lying in bed awake thinking about this.

These characters are my friends. They are people I know well who happen to live inside my head. I worry about their shortcomings and I celebrate their victories and I so, so want them to be happy. But more than happy, I want them to be brave. These episodes are about bravery. No ferry boats crash, no bombs explode. No one we love dies. But still, Meredith and Derek getting together — how they get together — is about bravery.

Alex is going to have to be brave, too. Because things are coming to a head with the woman we know as Ava/Jane Doe/Rebecca. And when it is over, he’s never going to be the same. Cristina’s struggling with the loss of Burke and what that means for her surgical career. She’s going to do some things we have never seen Cristina Yang do. Izzie’s already been through hell, and she’s coming out the other side. George is growing up, becoming the man worthy of having Bailey’s son named after him. Callie, Erica and Mark are going to go through some changes that might surprise you. Bailey struggles to fix her marriage. The Chief makes a play for the woman he loves.

A lot happens in these five episodes. And it all ends with a kiss. A good kiss. A great kiss. A kiss so good it makes us lean into our televisions. A kiss we never saw coming. Oh, it’s a major kiss. As Derek would tell us, “I’m all about the kissing. More kissing, I say.” It’s that kind of a kiss.

I can’t tell you who’s going to be doing the kissing. That’s not how I roll. You’ll just have to watch and see.

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