Grey's Anatomy decided to use a tumor to explain why Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) made a lot of crazy decisions in Season 14. It's now using trauma to explain why her ex-husband, Owen (Kevin McKidd), has been displaying similar erratic behavior over the past season.

Thursday's episode of Grey's brought back Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), Owen's younger sister, who was not thrilled to learned that her brother knocked Teddy (Kim Raver) up after a one-night stand, tried to have an instant family with Amelia, and is now watching Teddy buy a new house with another man. To be honest, Owen's flip-flopping between women has given a lot of fans — OK, this fan — whiplash ever since he flew to Germany to try and make a relationship with Teddy a real thing.

In a dramatic intervention, Megan pointed out that Owen has never fully dealt with the trauma that he experienced during the war. He needs some long-term, serious therapy to work through his issues. Honestly? That sounds like a fantastic idea. Owen knows that he wants a family and to be a father, but the way he's gone about that hasn't been the most healthy. Talking to someone and working through issues that he's repressed could make him ready for the relationship he's yearned for all this time.

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However, Owen isn't the only one that's in need of an intervention and someone to help him through some trauma. Thursday's episode also revealed that Jo (Camilla Luddington) is still reeling from her visit to her birth mother. She hasn't found a way to process how she was conceived without it doing serious damage to her already fragile self-image. Her precarious upbringing and previous abusive relationships have always made her dubious about giving, and especially receiving, love. Now that she knows that she's a product of rape, it is only doing more damage to her psyche as she avoids talking about it with someone who could actually help.

Alex (Justin Chambers) and Link (Chris Carmack) haven't been able to get through to her, but a professional should be able to help her compartmentalize what happened and who she is as separate things. However, no one can help her get through this unless she opens up to someone about what's going on — and it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon.

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Abigail Spencer and Kevin McKidd, <em>Grey's Anatomy</em>Abigail Spencer and Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy