We are currently in an even numbered season of Grey's Anatomy, which is supposed to mean that our hearts are safe from emotional trauma and horrific events like hospital shootings or plane crashes.

That golden Grey's Anatomy rule apparently only applies to finales because the medical drama took fans on an emotional rollercoaster in Thursday's (May 10) penultimate episode. Fans were pre-warned that April (Sarah Drew) would be written off the show and a trailer for the episode teased a tragic end for Dr. Kepner, but the audience was still not prepared for the emotional gut-punch of watching her life hang in the balance.

In some serious McDreamy-PTSD inducing fashion, April was involved in a car accident that brought her to Grey Sloan Memorial in pretty bad shape. Despite how gifted the surgeons at the hospital were and how many Harper Avery Catherine Fox awards they had, it seemed like her death was imminent — until Jackson (Jesse Williams) broke down and prayed to God to spare her, after which, she miraculously woke up from her coma.

Naturally, the Twitterverse collectively lost its mind at this typical Grey's Anatomy fake out.

Rest easy, friends. April Kepner lives to see another day and another totally un-tragic season finale. This does raise the question though... how will she be written out if not with at death?

The Season 14 finale of Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday, May 17 at 8/7c on ABC.

Sarah Drew, <em>Grey's Anatomy</em>Sarah Drew, Grey's Anatomy