Grey's Anatomy I am officially old. Mare Winningham is playing a soon-to-be grandmother! OK  got that out of the way. What an awesome episode. So Meredith found out she has two halfsisters and a stepmother, and Winningham did a fantastic job as the stepmom. I've already praised Jeff Perry

as Meredith's dad, Thatcher, and what an incredible scene that was with George describing Meredith to Thatcher while Meredith listened in. I loved that gentle "Thank you, George" from Meredith. Present and (in my case) past Chicago theater patrons got a big kick out of the fact that we got to see two members of the famous Steppenwolf Theatre Company  first Perry and then the phenomenal Laurie Metcalf. That scene with Metcalf as the dying mother giving her daughter all of that motherly advice had me crying like a baby and picturing Metcalf's name in the outstanding-guest-actress category at this year's Emmys. If it weren't for Alex, the daughter would probably miss out on getting that advice in time. Nice to see Bailey back in surgical action  loved her crying with the spelling-bee champion and then blaming it on her hormones. Dr. Webber as Cristina's new competitive rival in class cracked me up, and it was also good to see Izzie and Denny getting along so well ("just show me a boob"). Three great closing scene items: Cristina walking around naked just so Burke would throw out George; George discovering that Callie has a secret room at the hospital and a talent for cutting hair; and that effective way of introducing Chris O'Donnell to the show, as Doc the dog's vet and (after next week's repeat), Meredith's reason to give up knitting.