Grey's Anatomy Memo to the "blue-ribbon panel" that ends up choosing the Emmy nominations for guest actress in a drama series  you need to nominate Monica Keena , plain and simple. Tonight's edge-of-your-seat repeat reminded me how phenomenal the former Dawson's Creek

actress was as the woman with the metal pole stuck through her body and also protruding through the body of a man she didn't even know after the train they were riding crashed. Definitely one of my favorite episodes. Bruce A. Young played the man and he was also fantastic. This was the one where we learned what a banana bag IV is (the device used to sober Meredith up). I remember noticing how Meredith related to Monica's character, Bonnie, at the end, since Derek chose the salmon-scrubbed Addison ("She's my wife") over Meredith. "What about her? You can't just abandon her!" Funny to go back and see George still pining away for Meredith and her not noticing it, especially after he said to her (referring to McDreamy): "For what it's worth, I think he's crazy if he doesn't pick you." And this was back when Kate Walsh was just a special guest star and Meredith's friends gave Addison dirty looks. Next week, a new episode  can't wait. Oh, and ABC, now that more people are watching Grey's Anatomy than Desperate Housewives, no need to start Grey's a minute late. Ya got that? Thanks.