Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy finds Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) on the brink of divorce - but are they really ready to end their marriage?

In a series of flashbacks, viewers will get a look at the trajectory of their relationship, including the good times (and, of course, the bad) that brought them to this point. And some new truths will come to light in scenes that we haven't seen before. Check out a sneak peek of the episode in the video above.

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"We get a deeper insight into how their differences really shaped them as a couple, and how they really did kind of dive headfirst into this marriage without thinking very much," Drew tells "We get to see these moments that the audience never got to see, which really helps you to understand how they got where they are. ... What you see is that these two people really, really do love each other, and what so often happens in relationships is miscommunication. Miscommunication, a lot of times, leads to a lot of pain in relationships. What those moments tell us is that they really do love one another and they really want to be there for one another."

The couple comes to a concrete decision by the end of the episode, but is it the right one? A last-second reveal may leave one or both of them rethinking their choice.

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