Grey's Anatomy
First, I've got to say I was really glad Denny survived his surgery, especially since most of the patients were dying one after another. Izzie would not have been a well person. Great scene when she said to Denny, after wiping her tears, "I can't fall for a patient," and he followed with "OK  good luck with that." Should be quite interesting now that Izzie broke up with Alex for telling Denny he was probably going to die. I did like it when Alex read George the riot act about how he was being a baby about Meredith. Someone had to tell him. But it just encouraged George to finally ask out Callie. Interesting to see some of the superstitions amongst the doctors, from Burke's lucky surgical cap to Addison awarding people with cups of hot chocolate  "Don't question the cocoa!" I loved

Mary Kay Place as Webber's former AA sponsor. We just keep learning more and more about the characters each week  good to hear Webber's been sober for 17 years. I've been a Mary Kay fan since her days as Loretta Haggers on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and then her roles in The Big Chill, My So-called Life and so many others. Since her character also survived her surgery, I hope she comes back. Funniest line was once again a Cristina line, after George called Callie "ma'am" in the women's restroom: "Dude! You called her 'ma'am' she's never gonna sleep with you now!" Final note to those of you who only recently started watching Grey's: Next week is a repeat of one of the best episodes ever so do not miss it! And for those of you who've watched since the beginning, I have four words for you: train wreck/metal pole. 'Nuff said.