Grey's Anatomy's 10-episode, untitled spinoff about Seattle firefighters has cast a new major character: the captain of the fictitious fire station.

Miguel Sandoval has been tapped to play Captain Pruitt, a tough and respected leader who is beloved by his subordinates. He's a progressive thinker who advocates for his crew, even if it means standing up to his superiors. He's been offered promotions in the past but declines because he'd rather be on the front line than behind a desk.

Kind of reminds you of Chief Weber (James Pickens Jr.) at the onset of Grey's Anatomy, no?

Sandoval actually guest starred in Season 9 of Grey's Anatomy as Hank, the husband of one of Dr. Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) liver transplant patients, so we can probably expect to get a nod to that if and when the two shows ever cross over. Sandoval's other credits include Medium and Bad Judge, and he has experience as a TV firefighter from Fox's short-lived 1996 series L.A. Firefighters.

The untitled spinoff is set to premiere at midseason on ABC.

Miguel Sandoval, <em>Medium</em>Miguel Sandoval, Medium