Question: Greetings! Pandy (from your Jan. 31 column) is just very confused. She's actually thinking of the show Cover Up, which initially starred Jon-Erik Hexum and Jennifer O'Neill as spies who masqueraded as a model and a photographer, respectively. The Terence Knox confusion is coming from Knox-like Anthony Hamilton, who took over the male lead after Hexum accidentally killed himself on set. The theme was indeed by Bonnie Tyler, but it was "Holding Out for a Hero," also on the Footloose soundtrack. Thanks.

Answer: No, no thank you, Troy, and all the others who wrote in to help clear up the confusion. As I wrote then, I knew my readers wouldn't let me down. (Though some of you help a little more nicely than those who write in as if my noggin sounds a hollow clonk when tapped, but to each his own, I suppose).

Pandy may well have been thinking of Cover Up, which debuted on CBS in September 1984. As you say, Hexum's Mac Harper  a former Green Beret  and O'Neill's Dani Reynolds were freelance agents pretending to work in the fashion biz. After Hexum's accidental death he jokingly put a pistol loaded with blanks to his head and pulled the trigger, unaware of the damage a blank can do at close range Hamilton signed on. But not for long: The show was gone the following May.

(And as an "attaboy" to you, Troy, I'll give your website,, a plug. Well done, and thanks also to everyone else who wrote in even you mean ones.)