Although Aidan Quinn is extraordinarily proud of his work in the upcoming comedy Stolen Summer (opening March 22), he's not pleased with the way the film's month-long shoot was portrayed in the accompanying HBO documentary series, Project Greenlight.

"It was a mockumentary," Quinn bemoans to TV Guide Online. "[We had] three bad days out of 25, and all 13 episodes of [Project Greenlight], I think, were those three days. There was a lot of fabrication, I thought. It didn't accurately match the good time that we had making it."

"They created drama and built a case with editing," adds Quinn's co-star, Kevin Pollak. "They made Aidan out to be Richard III."

In fact, when Quinn first learned that Stolen Summer's production was going to serve as the basis for a documentary, he nearly backed out. "I knew it would make it more difficult for all of us," the 43-year-old actor sighs. "But it was such a good part and such a good script that I signed on anyway."

The big loser in all this? Summer's first-time director, Project Greenlight contest winner Pete Jones. "I thought he was really unfairly portrayed in some of those episodes," Quinn says. "But an [aspiring] director and writer will go though just about anything to make their movie, and he did it with grace and with humor and loyalty."

Despite all the headaches, Quinn reluctantly admits that Project Greenlight isn't all bad. "You can't look a gift horse in the mouth," he concedes. "This movie has gotten so much publicity because of that 'thing' that if it gets bums in the seats to see a beautiful movie, then somehow there's a little yin to the yang."