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Classes are back in session for the fun-loving kids of Greek, the college dramedy that began Season 4 last week with Casey (Spencer Grammer) starting the next stage of her life: law school. So expect less partying, more studying? Not according to Grammer!

TV Guide Magazine: Casey Cartwright: First-year law student. Are viewers in for some Legally Blonde-like moments?
Grammer: I think it's completely inspired by that. [Laughs] You always root for Casey and it's fun when she gets to succeed, especially when it's with something completely ridiculous.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Casey ever succeed in making things work with on-again, off-again boyfriend Cappie?
Grammer: [Sighs] It's much like it has been — up and down. But this season, Casey is more focused on figuring out who she wants to be and whether Cappie will fit into that. That's her situation.

TV Guide Magazine: And Casey is becoming a ZBZ housemother, so I guess that means she'll still be active in Greek life?
Grammer: She wants to maintain her status and feel powerful, and she feels most comfortable at the ZBZ house, but since she's not the Queen Bee any more, it's frustrating for her.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Casey ever find time to unwind?
Grammer: There are a couple of big parties. There's a luge at one of them that I slide down, so that's kind of fun.

TV Guide Magazine: What else have you been up to?
Grammer: I needed some time to myself, so I enrolled in school.

TV Guide Magazine: Life imitating art?
Grammer: I didn't have many classes left when I got Greek. I didn't know we'd be a success! But I knew I'd go back and finish. I set goals and I stick to them.

Greek airs Mondays at 9/8c on ABC Family.

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