Grant Gustin Grant Gustin

Barry Allen made his much-anticipated debut on Arrow last week, introducing the DC Comics character who fanboys know will someday become the superhero The Flash. The opening arc concludes in this week's episode (Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW), paving the way for a potential Flash series for next fall.

Grant Gustin, best known to TV viewers as Glee's evil Warblers lead singer Sebastian, plays the boyish Barry, a police scientist from Central City who works with Oliver, Felicity and Diggle to track down a mysterious man with super strength. Gustin recently stopped by the web series DC All Access with exec producer Andrew Kreisberg to talk about bringing this comic book icon to life. "He's always had the heart of a hero, and now he's got the feet for it," Kresiberg says of Allen's upcoming transformation to Scarlet Speedster, in the exclusive clip below. Gustin adds that "the grounded and reality aspect of the show" is what attracted him to the gig.

DC All Access is a weekly series at (and on YouTube) with news and features about DC Entertainment and its various properties in comics, movies, TV, video games and more. This week's episode, which goes live on Tuesday at 1 p.m./ET (10 a.m./PT), also includes segments on the comic series Justice League 3000 and FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, plus a holiday shopping guide.

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