<EM>Rescue Me</EM> Rescue Me

Gotta hand it (no pun intended) to the tyrannical traffic cop whose face messed up Tommy's fist. He's got a point about punching people there. Just ask Mike Tyson, a champion boxer who still managed to break his hand blasting Mitch Green in the eye in a street fight. Speaking of ouch, it didn't take Franco long to pull out the ADD excuse on Laura, did it? Even Tommy doesn't use his alcoholism to excuse everything. (Well, most stuff, but still...) Speaking of Tommy, he mocks the notion of God being on the side of a recovering drunk, but he's the one seeing Jesus in his bathroom, never mind Mary Magdalene asking him to pour her a double. But damn, he's a hero for managing to turn down Sheila's sex-and-alcohol gambit. And that's not even counting his ability to toss a kid across a gap five stories up (though I'm thinking the little girl might not be that thrilled with him). How do you practice that kind of thing? (Cut to the shot of children fleeing rookie firemen looking to get some training in.)

Anyway, I can't say I blame Laura for objecting so strongly to Lou's use of the T-word, even if the guys think she's too sensitive. "Do your job the right way, people call you names you want to hear," says Tommy. Well, only the people you work with, actually. And I really hope Mike's hooking up with the Valkyrie veterinarian doesn't inspire you knuckleheads out there to go plinking at cats to meet chicks.


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