After I got over the initial confusion of whether or not this show was a search for a new member of TLC to replace the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, I actually kind of liked it. For the record, the "winner" gets to record one song and go on stage with them at one event a little misleading, especially in the summer of Rock Star: INXS, but I guess either way it will be a good opportunity for some aspiring singer-dancer to get some kind of a break into the music industry. I mean, T-Boz and Chilli repeatedly mention that TLC was the biggest girl group of all time, which may be true, but how very Trumpian to keep bringin' it up. On another good note, the contestants have been somewhat prescreened, so it isn't about embarrassing the untalented  though Brandi might have made it through on her dancing skills alone and not on her vocal abilities. Phew. I had to cover my ears. Alju is my favorite of the New York auditioners. She messed up her intro, but she's got a funky style, a good voice and she's nice to her momma. But I would probably watch this show if it was just "Hangin' with T-Boz and Chilli."  When the two longtime pals hang out and eat or go to FAO Schwartz, it gives this somewhat-average reality series a little somethin' somethin' special. Which more than makes up for the obviously staged "ambushes." Anyway, I might keep watching just to find out how Chilli stays so skinny. She seems to talk about eating all the time. Oh, and how could anyone not get a kick out of them tormenting the waiter at Ruby Foo's?