Gossip Girl Gossip Girl

We know that Gossip Girl thrives on nihilism, and we love it, but lately it seems like our favorite rich and beautiful Upper East Siders are indulging in enough self-destruction to make even us raise an eyebrow.

We'll watch Chuck drink himself into a stupor, alienate all of his friends and loved ones and almost kill himself any day. We expect that kind of behavior from him; his dad was a Basshole and his mom died before she could salvage his sensitive little soul. But now that others are spinning the old wheel of destruction, will it land the show in shark-jumping territory?

Blair: She didn't get into Yale, so she fell apart. Understandable given her lifelong obsession with the institution and how hard she manipulated worked to be accepted. But was this blow to her ego enough to get busy with bad boy Carter Baizen, shoplift, insult New York City society and tempt her ex-beau Nate with a roll in the hay? The Blair we know would be more creative and less resigned.

Rufus and Lily: When two characters finally get together after the "will they or won't they" dance, it's a struggle to keep things interesting. So having Lily and Rufus exchange lists of the people they've slept with is an intriguing, if incredibly unrealistic idea! Once Rufus discovers that Lily has a very long list that includes people like Slash, though, the subsequent argument is anything but sexy.

What do you think Blair, Lily and Rufus' storylines? Interesting, dramatic storytelling or desperate stunts?