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Death became Harper's Island Saturday when the limited series wrapped up with two big (but maybe not-so-surprising) reveals: The second killer and John Wakefield's child both turned out to be the groom, Henry (Christopher Gorham). If the murderous rampage wasn't enough, Henry also shared that he did it all for the love of his life: his half-sister Abby (Elaine Cassidy). Creepy? Yes, but Gorham, who didn't find out he was the killer until after filming seven episodes, "loved it," he tells TVGuide.com. "I immediately bought a scary-looking knife that I kept in my pocket that no one knew I had. I was armed from the next day." See what else the actor and Cassidy had to say about "broken" Henry, whether or not he committed incest and more.

TVGuide.com: Chris, you do unhinged really well, especially since we're so used to you playing good guys. How hard was it to keep it a secret that you were the killer?
Christopher Gorham:
[Laughs] Thank you! It was really hard. One, there were a couple people on set who really, really wanted to know everything, one of them being Katie Cassidy, so it was difficult keeping it from her. Elaine was easy because she didn't want to know anything. ... Also, I wanted to read up on serial killers, and it was difficult to do that because I didn't want to be recognized in the bookstore. I was trying to be all incognito and paid in cash. Then I couldn't read serial killer books on set, or on the plane, or at home. My wife didn't know. I told no one. That was really tricky, but it was fun.

TVGuide.com: Elaine, who did you think the killer was?
Elaine Cassidy:
When we shot the presentation, I thought it was the sheriff, Abby's dad. After day four or something, I said, "Oh, I know who it is! It's John Wakefield!" [Laughs] So I was kind of right! I came up with different theories and I thought, "You know what, if I'm guessing, that's all it's going to be." So I decided not to consume myself with it and [instead] consumed myself with Abby's problems and I think she has a fair few!

TVGuide.com: I had pegged Henry from the beginning, especially after he kept pairing off with Abby and looking after her instead of Trish. During filming or in retrospect, did you notice that?
Yeah. It was done on purpose. One of the moments that I really liked was when Trish started speaking up: "Um, I'm coming with you too." [Laughs] That sets things up. Before that, she lost her dad and was in her emotional world, but she comes out of it and realizes something's a bit off.

TVGuide.com: On the wedding invitation in the pilot, it said Henry's middle initial was "W." But in the flashback, he's called "Henry James Dunn." Was that a mistake or a clue that he was the killer and embracing his inner Wakefield?
Cassidy: I know they used that scene in the car that was from the presentation because I had to wear that same outfit... so they might've changed [the name] in between.

TVGuide.com: Elaine, in the scene where you wake up in your underwear, are we supposed to think Henry just put you to bed or that he actually slept with you?
I suppose the only person who knows the answer to that is Henry! [There's a deleted] scene where there was a plaster on Abby's arm, so she'd been injected with something. I don't know what Henry did while she was unconscious, but she doesn't have time to dwell on that.

TVGuide.com: Why didn't Abby shoot Wakefield in the woods? And what would Henry have done if she did shoot and kill him?
I think it's just not in her nature. She really beats herself up about it because it's the one thing her dad asked her to do and maybe it got people screaming at the TV: "Why are you doing that?!" In that moment, she just can't do it. I don't know what Henry would've done. I'm sure he would've continued on killing everyone else.

TVGuide.com: Why did Henry have to tell Abby everything? He technically could've gotten away with it because when she ran out of the church, she didn't know he was the killer or related to Wakefield.
It was Wakefield's deal that he had to kill the thing he loved that wouldn't love him back, like a cleansing ritual. In Wakefield's mind, Henry had to kill Abby because she would never love Henry back. I always thought it was more interesting if Henry always planned on betraying his father, which didn't make it easy. I never believed that he could kill Abby, and the reason is I think he believes once he gets her alone and Wakefield's gone, she will fall in love with him. It's supposed to impress her.

TVGuide.com: Not to get too analytical over a psychopath's mindset, but why the elaborate plan? Did he even love Trish or his friends?
I feel like he thought he loved Trish when he was younger, but the older he got, the crazy took hold. It's not like he found out he was adopted and then snapped. It's like when Shea was talking about Wakefield that some people are just born bad. Henry is one of those people — just born broken. That matures over the years. I think he had real affection for Trish.

TVGuide.com: Was that a hard kill for him?
I think there were three really difficult murders for Henry, the hardest being J.D. Those tears, when Abby turns and sees Henry, I think are completely genuine. Part of the reason he didn't finish the job before Abby got there was because he found it unexpectedly difficult. Killing Trish and his dad were difficult. Everyone else, I don't think was difficult. I think he really enjoyed killing Sully.

TVGuide.com: That was so sad — the slow reveal and then literally stabbing him in the back after he stayed behind for you.
Which is what makes it so sad! Sully has been his best friend, but at the same time, Sully has sold Henry out completely at least two times, and the one heroic thing he does is the thing that gets him killed. Henry appreciates the irony and he taunts him. I think he was saving Jimmy. Jimmy was the golden goose kill. He would've really loved to kill him slowly.

TVGuide.com: What's next for you guys? Elaine, you shot part of the show pregnant.
Yeah, for me the role of a lifetime for a lifetime. I'm in pre-production and post-production starts soon. [Laughs] I'm really eager to work, but no one wants to employ a beached whale, so I'll have to wait.
Gorham: I just finished an independent film called My Girlfriend's Boyfriend with Alyssa Milano. In August, I'm shooting another one called Trivial Pursuit from the guys that do Funny or Die.

TVGuide.com: I talked to Matt Barr and he pitched Harper's Island: The College Years so we can see all of your collegiate debauchery. Would you be up for it?
[Laughs] I imagine, coming from Matt, it would be all about Sully and his romantic conquests.

TVGuide.com: But that'd be OK, right? We'll know you guys will live and we can see Henry practice killing people.
Yeah, that's all right. I'd work for Matt Barr any day!
Cassidy: Yeah, totally!