All good things come to an end. And just in time. If I heard the phrase "opening the lines of communication" one more time, I might have retched. And so I bid goodbye to the brats with my mouth hanging open in both surprise and amusement. Everyone graduated, ready or not. I guess when it's time to go.... The shock came from the alleged success of two of the kids Derek and Frank. I simply didn't buy it this week. But SageWalk did, and the narrator kept boasting about their accomplishments. Still, when everyone had to do the high-wire act, Derek was again frightened by the height, similar to his response to rappelling. His fear may be real, but I hardly see how the compromise of a trust fall from a few feet off the ground is a major feat. But apparently, the act of "completing something" was his saving grace. Completing? He barely got started. And Frank supposedly learned to trust others and embraced the sense of family because "Christmas transformed him"? Right. Christmas transforms everyone for the afternoon it's the rest of the year that matters. While touting the growth of these brats, the counselors seem to have tuned out to the real progress of other folks, like Isaiah, who blossomed long ago. Still, the graduation had its perks. Remember a few weeks back when I suggested that everyone graduate but Jada? Well, they did have a bit of fun with her. Before setting this brat loose  and last they played with her a bit. When Jada's integrity and accountability were yet again challenged and she was asked why she should graduate, she offered up this gem: "Because I packed my stuff this morning." Hmmmm. That pretty much says it all. I guess eight out of nine ain't bad.