Look for Deadwood's property values to skyrocket next season. At Monday's Television Critics Association press tour, series creator David Milch revealed that he's toying with the idea of introducing Deadwood's first openly gay character (Calamity Jane notwithstanding) during the Emmy-nominated HBO drama's forthcoming third season. "[The character is] a brilliant producer in love with the male ingenue," says Milch, who's basing the role on real-life theatrical impresario Jack Langrish. "The only downside [is] the ingenue [is] about 52." Other tidbits dropped at the Deadwood session: Season 3 will pick up six weeks after the end of Season 2; Alma will be moving out of the hotel and into her very own house; and (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) Cy Tolliver will survive getting knifed in the gut in the Season 2 finale. Good, 'cause them whores ain't gonna mistreat themselves.