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Glee's Jane Lynch will likely sing a song, but leave the Sue Sylvester tracksuit at home, when she hosts the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards September 18 on Fox. Lynch, who was named Outstanding Supporting Actress last year and is expected to land another nomination, took time while vacationing with her family to give us an early tease of what to expect.

TV Guide Magazine: Was this a gig you've always wanted or always avoided?
Jane Lynch:
It's so funny — kind of in the middle. Like Saturday Night Live [which she hosted to rave reviews last year] it was something like, 'Oh God, I would love to do that, but I'd be so afraid.' My wife out of nowhere will say, 'Who's hosting the Emmys?' And I'll go, 'Me'!

TV Guide Magazine: Looking back, who has done the job well?
Billy Crystal at the Oscars was the best. He was so cute and charming — the ultimate host. And Jimmy Fallon was great last year at the Emmys. He was totally himself, generous and kind with a little edge, but always with a smile. Jimmy actually just sent me a beautiful flower arrangement. He's the best!

TV Guide Magazine: What is the key to being a successful host?
You get your chance in the opening number to make an impression. And then you have to step back and help move the show along. I don't think the onus is on me to be crazy and come out in wigs and funny makeup.

TV Guide Magazine: When will you get started?
I have a friend who I'm going to write with. But this month I'm going to Atlanta to shoot The Three Stooges movie for three weeks. I'm playing Mother Superior [who raises the stooges as boys], and one of my nuns is played by Larry David.

TV Guide Magazine: Then you'll be getting ready for your third season as Sue Sylvester. She really suffered a whammy at the end of the season with the death of her sister. How might that change her?
I think she's somewhat softened by this blow and it might take her focus off destroying glee club, but she won't completely change her stripes. She's never better than when she's fighting for a cause. So maybe it's time for a more worthy cause than just destroying a bunch of kids' dreams. She did say she's running for Congress.

TV Guide Magazine: How would Sue host the Emmys?
She'd insult everybody and go Kanye West, depriving everyone of their awards and giving them to herself half the time.

TV Guide Magazine: Will you be tempted to make a cameo as Sue?
I don't see that happening. [Laughs] It feels kind of cheap to me to come out in a tracksuit for the opening number.

TV Guide Magazine: What about a big musical number like Jimmy did?
I hope so. I will certainly suggest that.

TV Guide Magazine: What will you be rooting for that night?
  I'd love to see Bill Maher win. He's been nominated every year. I love Modern Family [last year's Best Comedy winner] — but not at the expense of Glee. And I hope Mad Men's time has not passed to get some awards.

TV Guide Magazine: It's likely you'll also be competing that night. Potentially awkward?
I'm sure I will adjust if I am indeed in that position, but I don't think it will be a difficult dance to do.

TV Guide Magazine: You looked smashing on stage last year. Can we expect a few wardrobe changes?
I've been talking to people. There might be a change or two, or I might stick to one outfit. I won't be coming out in a different gown every segment.

TV Guide Magazine: An award show staple has become an opening video showing the host spliced in to different series. Where might we see you pop up?
Mad Men. Though in drag as a guy. I wouldn't want to be one of the girls. They had no power.    

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