<i>Glee</i> Glee

Clearly, Glee's millions of fans applaud show creator Ryan Murphy's agenda to promote acceptance of everyone, regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. But for the Fox hit's more conservative fans, Murphy has something special in the works.

"I'm adding a Christian character," he says. "We've taken a couple jabs at the right wing this year, so what I want to do with this character is have someone who Christian kids and parents can recognize and say, 'Oh, look—I'm represented there, too!' If we're trying to form a world of inclusiveness, we've got to include that point of view as well."

Murphy says this character (yet to be cast) will speak her mind and be listened to and respected — though likely not by Kurt, whose homosexuality she won't accept. This perky New Directions addition, coming next season, will also object to some of the club's sexually suggestive music selections. Good thing they got Madonna and Gaga in early!

Two characters we won't see yet: Rachel's dads. "I like feeling their parenting influence without meeting them," says Murphy. "At least for another season."

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