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After months of being subjected to Katy Perry screeching "let's go all the way tonight" in her overplayed single "Teenage Dream," it was a little disappointing to hear Glee would be taking on the song as well. (Too soon!) But if anyone can make this overplayed tune slightly less annoying, it's Ryan Murphy and company.

Instead of seeing Perry writhe around in her skintight jeans, Glee's version is sung in harmony by a group of teenage boys in their prep school finest. It also marks the entrance of Kurt's new love interest Blaine, (Darren Criss). Looks like Blaine and the rest of the Dalton Academy boys really know how to pull out the stops for a new student — wait, Kurt's a new student?

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All will be sorted out in Tuesday's new episode, "Never Been Kissed." For now, watch the performance here:

Glee airs Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.