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Don't call curtains on the New Directions just yet, Glee fans.

The McKinley High glee club, which was shuttered by Principal Sue (Jane Lynch) last season, will be making a comeback with the help of none-other-than Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Fox revealed Wednesday.

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In new details released on the musical's final 13-episode run, Rachel returns to Lima, Ohio after experiencing "humiliating failure" in her attempt to become a TV actress. When she learns that Sue has in fact banished all arts from McKinley — it was only a matter of time, right? — Rachel is determined to resurrect the glee club and become its new leader.

But don't worry about Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) just yet, Gleeks. He, Blaine (Darren Criss) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) will still be in Ohio, but with "surprising" new jobs. (Here's hoping Sam's new gig somehow incorporates his amazing impressions.)

Chris Colfer (who plays Kurt) and Kevin McHale (Artie) will also be back as series regulars, as will Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Dot-Marie Jones (Coach Bieste), both of whom only recurred last season.

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News that Rachel will be the glee club's new leader comes after creator Ryan Murphy revealed last year that he originally envisioned that Glee would end with Finn at the helm of New Directions. Cory Monteith, who portrayed Finn, died in July 2013 of an accidental drug overdose, and his character was subsequently killed off the series last October.

So what do you think about this new Glee scoop? Will Rachel make a good glee club director? Are you sad she didn't make it as a TV star?

The new season of Glee is set to premiere in 2015. Watch the Season 5 finale here.

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