Glee, Ricky Martin Glee, Ricky Martin

Olé, olé olé! The hormones of McKinley High's students are in overdrive as Ricky Martin makes his much-hyped guest appearance as a Spanish teacher on the February 7 episode of Glee, which may be the naughtiest episode yet. Among the zingers that dropped my jaw:

Sue Sylvester decides to create a spawn, but who'll be the daddy? After trying to recruit the glee club boys to visit a sperm bank, Sue approaches Mr. Schuester with a plastic cup requesting a sample of his "baby gravy." When Emma gets wind, she confronts Sue with a pamphlet labeled, "Please don't hog my fiance's nog." The confrontation reveals a softer side of Sue that can't help melt your heart just a tad.

But Sue's back on the defensive when she meets her match in NeNe Leakes' swim coach, Roz, who lampoons Sue's attempts to conceive, telling her all she's able to give birth to is her own grandchild. Meow! Roz ends her ruthless tirade with a reference to Sue's "old, wrinkly boobs." Later, Santana has her own crack at Sue, asking whose vagina she'll use to birth her baby.

It's also pretty wild seeing the kids wriggle their bodies like never before as Ricky Martin sings, "I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it."

And Coach Bieste treats us to a hygiene lesson with a clip instructing the boys on the importance of keeping their jock straps clean. Puck's response: "I stopped washing down there because it seemed kinda gay," while Rory confesses he thought his "strip of hair" was for catching dirt.

There's a lot of dirt to be caught in this XXX episode. Have fun. I sure did. You just may need a cold shower after.

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