Rebecca Black, Lea Michele Rebecca Black, Lea Michele

With each passing week, Rebecca Black's "Friday" seems less like a novelty fluke and more like a certainty along the lines of death and taxes. The much-covered, much-mocked (at times by Black herself) song's infinite 15 minutes will be extended this time by a cover on an upcoming episode of Glee, a source tells

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert's "Friday" cover

Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, and Mark Salling will have the honor of attempting this modern classic, says Vulture, which first reported the news of the cover. Just which seats they will take is as yet unknown. And sure, they can actually sing, but it's doubtful they can make, "Fun, fun, fun, fun," sound as miserable as Black did. In any event, look forward to having the Glee "Friday" clip popping up in your inbox about as much as the original. And then someone can cover their cover and we can listen and obsess, and then someone can cover that cover of the cover and we'll get into that. And on and on and on. I'm telling you: infinity.

What do you think of this latest "Friday" cover? Is it overkill at this point?