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In the latest round of Glee's he said/ she said, the show's creator, Ryan Murphy,
now tells Deadline that as early as March of this year, he had spoken to stars Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith about a possible spin-off in which their characters would graduate from high school and attend NYC's Juilliard. The actors were forbidden from speaking about the top-secret project, which was to be announced in the fall.

Chris apparently stuck to Fox's mandate when I spoke to him the morning of his Emmy nomination, insisting that he'd heard no official spin-off talks beyond rumors. However, with his Hollywood film career taking off — as both an actor and screenwriter (he's
currently starring in Struck By Lightening, a 2012 comedy he wrote) — Chris admitted to some hesitation about relocating across the country should a spin-off take shape. "That would require me to move to New York," he said, quickly adding, "but I don't think I could say no."

Murphy claims he'd asked the actors for input on their spin-off storylines, and Chris told me he saw Kurt "taking some small internship at Vogue while being part of a Broadway chorus."

Fellow Emmy nominee Kristin Chenoweth, who guest stars on Glee as washed-up Broadway star April Rhodes, was also excited by the idea of a Glee spin-off, telling me it would be "awesome" to welcome Kurt into the cast of her character's new musical, Crossroads.

But now Murphy says he's stopped writing the spin-off after some of the actors who were to be involved implied to the media that they'd been fired from Glee. Murphy told Deadline he was surprised to "read the actors saying, 'We found out we were fired from Twitter.' All of us, the studio, the network, were like, 'OK, that isn't exactly cool,' because we involved all three of them in that decision. So then what happened is that we decided, 'OK, let's not do it.' So that's where we are today."

Too bad, because Chris, for one, certainly seemed to be abiding by Murphy's rules, as did Lea, who'd cryptically tweeted, "We always knew we'd graduate in real time. It's all part of the plan and it's all good! It's going to make Season 3 amazing!!!"

Seems "the plan" has now changed.

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