Girls might not be everyone's favorite show, but there's one thing the HBO comedy gets undeniably right: an appreciation for the power of dance.

Dancing it out has been a key part of Girls since Hannah and Marnie memorably danced along to Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" in Season 1. But while that scene was sweet and emotional, it will never compare to the true magic that happens when Hannah ( Lena Dunham) and Elijah (Andrew Rannells) bust a move.

Sunday's episode featured the anticipated sequel to Season 2's coke-fueled dance party (though this time Hannah and Elijah were aided only by copious amounts of beer). But in reality, Dunham and Rannells needed nothing - not even a choreographer - to create the epic scene. "Those were our moves. Those were our signature moves," Rannells tells

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And apparently the duo had been working on perfecting those moves for quite some time. "When we were filming that North Fork episode for the last season, there was a night that we had where we all went out. And there was this bar in North Fork and we ended up just dancing and messing around. So some of that was incorporated," Rannells says.

"It was like we put on Lil Jon and just said, 'Everybody dance.'" Dunham adds. "And we had our steady cam moving around us and it was three continuous full song takes of dancing. ... I wish that could be my full exercise routine, just dancing with Andrew Rannells a few times a week. I need to market him. I would dance with him all day long if that could be my job."

Hear that, world? Please make an Andrew Rannells dancercise DVD real. In the meantime, start practicing Dunham's and Rannell's moves below:

Note: Technically, that last gif isn't from Dunham and Rannell's dance scene, but it was too good not to include.You're welcome.